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When you mention modern boardgames to people who don’t play The Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride or any of the other thousands of games we call our hobby, then this is what 90% or more of them will think of. Admit it, you’ve heard that reply yourself when telling your non-gaming acquaintances about your hobby: “What, like Monopoly”?

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Cooperative and Competitive Games

Cooperative games are a very recent phenomenon: games where all players win or all players lose, no one has to feel slighted by the end of the game. A more peaceful pastime than competitive games for sure, but where does the tension come from without opposing players? Find out more about cooperative games in this week’s Meeplepedia.

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Republica de los Bananas is a peaceful country. About one day out of twenty, at least. The other days, the country is in the grip of a revolution, counter-revolution, counter-counter-revoultion, insurgency, rebellion or upheaval. Since 1979, when Junta in its current form was firts published. This is an entry in the series “How to lose friends very quickly and with maximum drama”.

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