Gigawatts of power roar to life right behind you seat. There is no space for luxury in your spacecraft. This thing wasn’t built for comfort, it was built to win the fastest and longest race in human history. Longest in distance covered, that is. The time of a Powerships race is about half an hour. The distance covered is the whole solar system. Sometimes twice. Where we’re going we don’t need the laws of physics.

Powerships is a racing game by Corné van Moorsel and a remake of his own Powerboats. There are no bells or whistles to it. You set out the course and up to seven players put their interplanetary pedal to the metal. First to the finish line wins.

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Mush! Mush! – Snow Tails 2

Five years ago, the Lamont Brothers created a racing game with an uncommon setting. Snow Tails wasn’t about racing cars, motorcycles, speedboats or spaceships, it was about racing dog sleds. This year, they’ve returned to mushing with Mush! Mush! – Snow Tails 2, a new racing game that uses the same basic mechanics but is different enough to make it exciting again. And, as you expect from Fragor Games, it looks great as well.

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