Meople News: Dead Ring Leaders

Hello and Happy Easter, meeple fans!

News-wise, this is another slow week, but the celebration of chocolate bunnies with friends and families does make up for that a little. Of course, now the temperature could settle on something below “gigantic nuclear furnace” again…

Anyway, lets see what we have this week:

From Fantasy Flight we get more information on the upcoming Loïc Lamy game Deadwood. Your not-so-lawful gun slingers will occupy buildings in town to benefit from their special abilities: being absolved from your sins in the church, asking the sheriff politely to keep an eye on a specific area at his office and even building a part of the railroad at the Town Hall. If the other players don’t shoot you first. Also this week, Fantasy Flight’s newest Living Card Game The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (Nate French) went on sale with the first adventure pack (expansion) already announced.

And if you, like many others, are eagerly waiting for Leaders, the first expansion to Antoine Bauza’s 7 Wonders, you can start preparing now by reading the rules. The leaders add a new set of cards with all new options to the game. Many of them help increase your or give you resources, but some have other abilities as well. From reading the rules, I’d say that Leaders will add  strategic depth without increasing the rule complexity. Not an easy achievement, but very nice for an expansion.

That’s it for now, have a good week!

The panorama of Phoenix, Arizona by night was shot by Alan stark and shared as CC-BY-SA. You can see the original (in huge resolution) here. Thanks for sharing, Alan!

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