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Considering it’s 3 weeks until Essen, it’s kind of slow on the news front. Of course, I’m still building up my list of RSS feeds, mailing list and CPIMs (Carrier Pigeon Interceptor Missiles).. if you miss some news here (or want to save the pigeons) please leave a comment with the news you really want to see.

Days of Wonder lets you pre-order the latest Small World expansion Be Not Afraid… . On top of that, they are giving everyone a Christmas gift. Starting mid-November, game shops everywhere will have the free Small World scenario Necromancer Island. (This sentence did turn into a typographic nightmare. I apologise.) Just about everything becomes more fun with Necromancers, and this scenario will add a whole new layer of asymmetry to a game that already emphasised inequality between the players.

At Fantasy Flight Games, there’s three new variants to play DungeonQuest, just to make sure you don’t get bored. They also work hard to give you some insight into the mind of a game designer, presenting a new designer diary by Corey Konieczka about the upcoming Mansion of Madness – and after reading there, the game sounds yummy – and an interview with Bruno Faidutti about Isla Dorada, yet another game I can’t wait to get my hands on.

With the series of detailed post on 51st State finished last week, Portal Publishing posted the rules for their Essen release this week.

White Goblin is all about Rattus Pied Piper this week, with both the rulebook and a trailer appearing online. I still haven’t had a chance to try the basic game Rattus, but 12 new characters sounds like it will change just about everything.

Today’s featured image shows Festung Ehrenbreitstein at Koblenz, because that is where we went instead of researching more news.  It was taken by Tomislav Medak. Thank you Tomislav for giving it a Creative Commons license.

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