Spam Spam Meeples and Spam

Hello Friends of the Meeple!

Unfortunately, it appears that we have been having a problem where mails that we sent were discarded by various filter software out there as spam. If you’re interested in the details, we’ve been using Google Mail for our mail, but sent mails with our domain name on the from address. Apparently, this mismatch of domain and origin server made our mail like prime meat for spam filters.

This problem has existed for some time before we figured out what was happening. If you were in contact with us and we never responded to your last mail, chances are good that our mail was eaten en route to you. We will try to be in contact with everyone that may have fallen victim to this problem, but we can’t be sure if we identified everyone affected. So, if we previously rudely aborted a conversation with you, please contact us again as the problem should – hopefully – be fixed now.

So sorry for the inconvenience to all of you, we’ll try not to let it happen again.

The original of this image was taken by Stephen Dann and shared with a CC-BY-SA license. Thanks for sharing, Stephen.

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