Meople News: Seven Cthulhus

A very sad weekend comes to end today. Well, it’s not really the weekend that is sad but the fact that it’s the last 4-day weekend for a very long time here in Germany – the next public holidays are only in October. After a month where no week had 5 work-days, that is rather sad. Still, I can’t complain about the number of free days we get around here – maybe that’s why boardgames have always been popular in Germany: people have a lot of time to play. Anyway, on to the news:

Looney Labs

The Looney’s latest card game Seven Dragons is now available and give you a pretty much complete explanation in a short video:

Find more videos like this on The Looney Labs Fan Club

Fantasy Flight Games

My initial confusion what kind of game Elder Sign would be is dispelled by this week’s update: with another Lovecraft-themed game, also designed by Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson, I was unsure just how this game would compare to Arkham Horror. Turns out that the similarities end with the theme, Elder Sign is going to be a much lighter dice and card game where your investigators complete adventures with a series of dice rolls, supported by spell and ally cards. However, if they fail, they still go insane – it wouldn’t be a Lovecraft game otherwise.

And on the subject of Arkham Horror, the full rules for Miskatonic Horror are now available for download.

After all this risk of mental damage, it’s time to get our bodies mutilated as well: in the centre of The Pyramid of Horus lies Sobek’s Basin, also known as the crocodile pond. Swim at your own risk. This is one of the main differences between US and European boardgames: the constant chance of an early, gruesome death.

Atlas Games

You could almost think this week is a Cthulhian holiday: Atlas Games offers us a look at the minions in Cthulhu Gloom by Keith Baker.

Meople’s Magazine

Wait … what? That’s us! We have news! You can now purchase miscellaneous things with adorable Meeple’s Adventures prints in the Meoples Merchandise Shop.

The photo of the Church of  St. George, likely the oldest building in Sofia, Bulgaria, was taken by Nigel Swales and shared with a CC-BY-SA license. Thanks, Nigel.

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