SPIEL ’17: And that’s a wrap

That was it, Ladymeeple and Gentlemeeple: SPIEL ’17. Another Essen fair has come and gone, and it was great. Spreading the fair over even more halls was a great thing, the only time we were afraid of being trampled to death was Saturday afternoon. Of course it was full the rest of the time, but not so full you’d be pushed past the booths you wanted to see. And that’s despite a new visitor record, with 182.000 people attending.

If you want to follow our adventures in more detail you can do so on in our Facebook photo diary: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Thank you to the many awesome people who had the time to see us. It was great meeting you (again). And apologies to all the people we didn’t manage to see. It would have been great to meet you as well. Finally, to the people who missed the Saturday because they got lost in a Black Metal bar until the wee hours of the morning: we hope you survived your hangover.

Now it’s time to start playing the games we’ll soon review. Watch this space. New games are coming soon!


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