News of the Week

Another year’s Essen has passed, and it has the usual, predictable results on the board game news situation: there is none. All the big news and announcements have been leading up to Essen, and now it will be two weeks at least before those that also have Christmas releases (not so many) start talking about them. It’s not such a bad thing, Essen does tend to cause brain overflow on me that I will take a while to recover from.

The only ones that posted big news this last week were Fantasy Flight. Kevin Wilson posted a new instalment in the Civilization designer diary (plus another one that I somehow overlooked before), the newer one talking about economy and the older about culture. Both make me more curious to try the game. On other news there will be a new expansion for Battlestar Galactica called Exodus.

That’s it. No more news. Told you it was short this week. But I have a little something for you to keep your disappointment low: the most awesome board game explanation video ever made, for Valley Games’ Crows, created by Stephen Conway. Enjoy!

This week’s banner photo was taken in Oxford’s Museum of Natural History, by no other than our resident photo genius Sizinha.

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