Meople News: All I want for Christmas is News

I expected the news to be more exciting again by now. Didn’t you expect the news to be more exciting again by now? The most exciting things may have been revealed at Essen already, but December starts next week. It’s almost Christmas. All the shops around here put up their decoration at least a month ago, and yesterday we had the first snow. But no one announced any Christmas releases this week. Almost no one announced anything.

Even Fantasy Flight let me down, there is no new preview posts for Mansion of Madness or Cosmic Conflict. Don’t you realise I’m morbidly curious? There is, however, a downloadable variant for Cadwallon: City of Thieves. I wonder if downloadable content will be the new way to keep people interested in the games, like it already is in many computer and console games. As long as the content is good, I can get behind that trend…

This was already published for Essen this year, but I just got this post on Bruno Faidutti’s blog this week, so I consider it news: Double Agent, the new game from Bruno Faidutti and Ludovic Maublanc was released by Editions du Matagot. In Double Agent, two players are trying to retrieve information from their agents, but they don’t know who they are ultimately loyal too. So it’s a bluffing game, but as the creators themselves say it’s “deliberately chaotic and often uncontrollable”.

And since that is all the news I have, I just went and created one more news item: your beloved Meople’s Magazine now has a FAQ. So if you always wondered why Luck and Strategy don’t add up to ten, what we mean by Interaction and if you’re allowed to use our photos on your website, check it out.

The truly stunning photo of the Alhambra at Granada you see above was taken by Kevin Poh and uploaded on Flickr with a Creative Commons license. Thank you, Kevin!

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