Meople News: The Count of Monte Catano

To start off this weeks news, here’s an update from last week: Mayfair Games’ Bill Fogarty took the time to explain The Struggle for Catan to us. It’s a completely new game for 2-4 in the big Catan universe and not related to the old Catan card game nor the newer variant Rivals of Catan. Thanks for clearing that up, Bill.

Pegasus Spiele will present Mondo at this year’s Nürnberg fair, a new tile laying game by Michael Schacht. Mondo brings a new twist to tile laying by having players play simultaneously and against the clock.

At Fantasy Flight, the rules for Cosmic Conflict are now available, the new expansion to Cosmic Encounter that will be released next week.

There’s also three games announced by eggertspiele for their 2011 program. In The Secrets of Monte Christo the players set out to recover treasures from the dungeon of Château d’If where the late count has hidden them. Players control their actions using the “action slide”, which controls what they do as well as when they do it. Pergamon is about the excavations in 1878 with players leading competing expeditions. And finally, Principato is a tactical build-up game controlled by action cards taken from a common pool – and returned there when you need to pick up another one.

The picture of the week shows the skyline of Den Haag, where we just spent a great weekend. It was taken by Flickr user uggboy and made available with a Creative Commons license here.

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