Meople News: The Nuts of Yggdrasil

On March 12, White Goblin Games releases Get Nuts, the most squirrely card game in existence. Your goal is to …. wait for it…. waaaaait for it…. get nuts!

Yggdrasil is on the other end of the play-a-powerful-being scale (not that squirrels are not awesome, but lets face it, they don’t hold of the end of the world most days): in this new coop game by Ludonaute you get to take the roles of the norse gods and you do try and hold off the end of the world. Expect the game by end of March, if the world still exists then.

Mayfair Games has decided that this week is big news week and and released their publishing schedule for 2011. Here’s our personal highlights:

  • Five Points: The Politics of New York – a struggle for political power in 1800s New York
  • Giza: The Great Pyramid – a competition for the Pharaoh’s favor by building his pyramid on time
  • Urbania Redux (working title) – city building while struggling for political influence, and I like the working title

Still from Mayfair, there is also the release schedule for the FunFair line of lighter family games.

And Fantasy Flight is also at it again. The rules for Anima: Twilight of the Gods are online and it appears to be a … quest-driven computer role playing game packages as a card game? Hum …. . Arkham Horror, maybe one of the most-expanded games there is already, now receives an expansion for it’s expansions and the Lord of the Rings Card Game is about to receive expansions of its own.

And if you’re hopeful to one day make money with designing games yourself, Days of Wonder’s Ticket to Ride Map Design Contest is a good place to start – and also worth $10.000 to the winner.

The header image was taken by Roger Wollstadt and shared with a CC license. It shows Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon, Portugal – this recent trend to relate news pictures to reviews will become interesting when we review a more fantasy game … . See the original picture here.

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