Meople News: Fortunate Space Species

This week has a very special news item to start with: our first mention of Essen 2011!

The Brazilian space exploration and trading game Galáxia S.A. by Riachuelo Games will be available as an international edition at the fair in October. Good for me, my Portuguese is not as abysmal as it once was, but getting the rules for a game right would be challenging to say the least …

A bit earlier, in September, Dutch publisher The Game Master will release Fortuna which they presented at Nürnberg this year. The announcement doesn’t say much about the mechanics, but you will be competing for the favour of the Roman emperor.

GMT Games is preparing to ship the second printing of the much-praised Dominant Species, a complex game about evolution, the ice age and eating your enemies. Our German readers should keep their eyes peeled for the German edition of Dominant Species, coming from UGG.

Of course, what would weekly news be without any updates from chain-blogging Fantasy Flight Games? This week, there is the rules for Mansion of Madness, an introduction to the Shadow in the Lord of the Rings Card Game and the announcement of Black Gold, a revised version of the 1999 German oil-drilling classic Giganten.

And to add some fun to last weeks news about Get Nuts from White Goblin Games, they released a trailer video:

The photo of the week was taken by Francisca Nuñez. It’s a panorama shot of Plaza de Armas in Santiago de Chile and was shared on Flickr.

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