Meople News: Twilight in the Snow

Another week, another news. In our news, we got quite a bit of playing done this weekend with Ghost Stories (with and without expansion), Rattus, Leaping Lemmings and Gosu. But that’s not the news you’re here for. So lets see what we have,

Continuing the very popular Dominant Species, GMT Games announced then Jensen’s own card game adaptation creatively titled Dominant Species – The Card Game. The complexity seems much lower than the original game – to be expected in a  card game – but looks interesting in it’s own right.

The rules for Treefrog’s next two-player game, A Few Acres of Snow ,are now available. The card-driven struggle for supremacy of North America should start shipping in June, pre-orders are possible some time in May.

Steve Jackson Games’ Muchkin series doesn’t look like it’s ever going to die, expansions multiply almost exponentially and if you’re not careful it might just eat your brain. So why did it take so long before they came up with the obvious Munchkin Zombies? No idea, but it’s out now.

Continuing their chain of games with a Y in the name, Ystari’s next release will be Olympos, a game of development, expansion and the favour of the gods. Not much more to tell yet, but the rules will be available soon.

And, as every week, Fantasy Flight has some things to tell. Anima: Twilight of the Gods, the card game wanting to be a quest driven computer role playing game, is now on sale. They also have more to say about Arkham Horror expansions’ expansion Miskatonic Horror and what it does to The King in Yellow.

Just because we’ve been watching BBC’s Sherlock mini-series over the weekend (and because it has one of the worst cliff hangers I remember – curse you BBC), this weeks photo is of the Baker Street tube station, taken by Mike Knell with a CC-BY-SA license. Here’s the original.


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  1. If we do another games/birthday thing in August… I think the Munchkin Zombie game would be perfect for Michael ;)

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