Meople News: Dragon Evolution

Looney Labs

The newest addition to Looney Labs’ portfolio is a bit outside their pattern: there is nothing wacky going on, no time travel, no changing rules. Seven Dragons (Andrew Looney) is a much more straight-forward game: you get cards split into various numbers of panels, each with a differently coloured dragon. Your goal is to connect 7 panels of your colour of dragon. It’s a fantasy Dominoes with a few special cards to mix things up and targets an audience of six years and above.

Fantasy Flight Games

Talisman is another of Fantasy Flight’s oft-expanded games, yet it has been silent around the series for some time. Now, if you’ll excuse the pun, John Goodenough is breathing new fire into it with Talisman: The Dragon. The all new adventures are focus on the giant fire-breathing lizards and the wizard who banished their king many ages ago. They are understandably miffed.

Steve Jackson Games

What do you think of when I talk about hack’n’slash pulp fantasy? It’s a long list of options to be sure, but under this headline Munchkin won’t be far down the list. Under any headline, Conan The Barbarian will be somewhere on that list. Inspired by the remade Conan movie coming out this summer, Steve Jackson Games is finally bringing together what should have been united for years: Munchkin Conan The Barbarian

Studio Descartes

As previously announced, the first game to be refurbished and republished by Studio Descartes will be Evo. Now the rules are available for download, but all I can think about is: dinosaur meeples!

And in other news

To make all your meeple-based games even more awesome, MeepleSource is now selling Pirate and Ninja Meeple.

The photo of Lille, France was taken by Gia Sadhwani and shared with a CC-BY license. Thanks, Gia!

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