Meople News: Locust in the Mirror

Fantasy Flight Games

The news about Corey Konieczka’s computer game adaptation Gears of War are spaced a bit further apart than the rapid-fire style of updates Fantasy Flight Games uses in most of their news games, but they are no less exiting: this week we take a look at the behaviour of the enemy Locusts: the exact type of enemy you encounter varies from scenario to scenario, and they use different tactics to get your cards (which are also your health points) away from you. Their behaviour is controlled by the AI deck, a coop typical deck of cards controlling what the game does, but these cards actually react to what is going on by having “if … otherwise…” orders on them. That’s already more AI than some computer games I know …

The Dragon, the newest expansion to the old classic Talisman – a game that has been around for slightly longer than the giant flying toasters contained in this expansion – is making the world an unhappier place for everyone as the Dragon Lords’ minions spread through the world, block your access to important places and slowly but surely raise one of the scheming lizards to the position of Dragon King.

While the main route of action in Elder Sign, Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson’s newest lovecraftian horror exploration, is to wander around the museum slowly losing your mind, that is not your only option: you can also wait at the entrance, gather your wits again and stock up on adventuring aids – while the Great Old One keeps drawing closer to the world, so stop dawdling.


The Kickstarter project you might want to check this week is Gryphon Games’ Mirror, Mirror. Mirror, Mirror is a two player strategy game where players control a small horde of courtiers, trying to get their love letter to the princess. Only one courtier on each side carries a love letter, the others only have decoys. Two find out which is which, you use the mirrors on the back of your courtiers: move them behind an enemy courtier and you see the colour of his letter. Only then can you hope to remove the red love letter and win the game.

The photo of the market of Arusha in Tanzania was taken by Noel Feans and shared with a CC-BY license. Thanks for sharing, Noel!

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