Meople News: Rise R’lyeh!

The weather in Brazil is killing me. I knew it would be hot, but the last few days in Sao Paulo were unbearable, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting better. Or maybe I’m just sweating from all the Christmas preparations. We didn’t even have time for gaming this week. This will be, by the way, the last news post for the year. Next week we’ll take some well-deserved rest and possibly play more games. Happy Holidays everyone!


Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs. Evil is barely off the presses when the first expansion is announced. Of course, we all knew that the moment we realised  PATG was a deck-building game. And as expansions go, Rumble in R’lyeh is a fantastically catchy name.

Also expanded soon: Food Fight. Food Fight: Snack Attack will include a bunch of new cards and a new game mechanic, with little to no current information what it will be.

Fantasy Flight Games

I’m starting to wonder if maybe FFG is taking it a bit too far with re-releases this year. But as long as the games are good, who am I to complain? And while I never played Michael Gray’s Fortress America, I know that it has a huge number of fans out there, so a re-release will be welcome to many.

But Fantasy Flight does more than expansions and re-releases this week: Antoine Bauza’s Rockband Manager should be in the first quarter of next year, so strap on your guitar and go start a band.

eggertspiele / Pegasus Spiele

One of the games I was very unhappy about not having a chance to try in Essen this year was Village by Inka and Markus Brand. The game lets you control the fate of “your” family inhabiting the village over multiple generations and is available now in a bilingual (English / German) edition.

R&R Games

Stephen Glenn is adding a new entry to the shortish list of sports-themed boardgames with 1st & Goal, an American Football game that gives you all the common and some uncommon offensive and defensive strategies in the form of cards and adds some dice for luck – because honestly, with a ball shaped like that luck is everything. (I’m kidding, of course. And Niko is going to love this one.)

Studio Descartes / Asmodee

The first release by the relaunched Studio Descartes is in stores now: Phillipe Keyaerts’s EVO, the popular dinosaur-construction game from 2001.


On Kickstarter this week, have a look at Rise!, an abstract strategy played on a variable board built from hex tiles. Your goal: to be the first player to build three towers, requiring you to surround a hex with six of your workers to start building.

 Our photo of the week shows a reindeer because… well, what else would we show for christmas? It was taken by Flickr user m.prinke and shared with a CC-BY-SA licence.

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