Meople News: Locked City of Oz

Looney Labs

Andrew Looney must have stopped wondering if he might be too random long ago. Instead he is probably wondering “Am I random enough?” and every time he decides that he isn’t, he creates another Fluxx. Since he keeps adding new, wacky things to each one, I’m perfectly happy with that and quite curious what Oz Fluxx will bring.

Oz Fluxx Cover
Oz Fluxx Cover (Image by Looney Labs, all rights lie with them)

Sirlin Games

If you’re still not sure whether you’d enjoy Flash Duel, having a look at the card gallery should convince you.

 Fantasy Flight Games

Again, Fantasy Flight treats us to two previews of their coming releases. For Cosmic Alliance, the latest Cosmic Encounter expansion, we are looking at two new alien races today, the Cyborgs and the Pigmies. For Nexus Ops, you can now see the full rules online and have a quick peek at one of the new game variants: Intercepted Transmissions.

Repos Production

7 Wonders remains as popular as ever, and the next expansion 7 Wonders: Cities will certainly keep players interested for a while longer. Cities comes with another new type of card, the black city cards. Cities can have a wide range of effects, some as powerful as removing you from the mandatory conflict for their age. We don’t know yet how cities will enter the game and how you chose yours, but we do know that next to other new cards 7 Wonders: Cities will also include new leaders, giving you a good reason to play with both expansions at once.


I don’t know anything about  Vignobles yet,except that authors Fabrice Arcas and Guillaume Peccoz won the Alors… Jouons! game design contest with it under the title Le Sud-Ouest en bouteilles. But I hope we’ll be able to tell you more soon.


The rulebook for Locke & Key: The Game is now available online. The boardgame adaptation of the popular graphic novel will be a quick card game with a strong bluffing element.

Evil Hat Productions

Evil Hat is known and popular for role-playing games, but they haven’t gotten into boardgames yet. That’s about to change with Race to Adventure, a card game set in the world of Spirit of the Century. SotC is a pulp adventure game where you can fly a zeppelin into battle against mutant monkeys under a mad scientist’s command, and that’s all before the opening credits. Race to Adventure will be an action-selection game that sends you to the furthest corner of the world to collect survive the wildest sort of adventure. Have a look at some art in this post by Daniel Solis. Set in the same universe, but with less details in the public so far, is Zeppelin Armada, a combat card game that should also still make it this year.

The cute fellow at the top of the page is an Agouti, photographed by Geoff Gallice and shared with a CC-BY license. Thank you, Geoff!

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