Meople News: Elephant Goblins of the Sea

Caliope Games

Tsuro is a familiar name to many: a tile-laying game in which you build a path for your own stone and try to keep it from going over the edge of the board longer than everyone else. In the new Tsuro of the Seas, you do the same thing, this time with a boat. But now you also need to watch out for dragons and sea monsters because, let’s be honest, everything is better with dragons.


Cryptozoic are quite the experts in developing games to go with comics, movies and computer games. Unlike other publishers trying that, however, Cryptozoic’s games are not horrible – take the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game or Penny Arcade: Gamers vs. Evil. So when they announce a deck-building game based on not one but four video games by Capcom (Street Fighter, Final Fight, Rival Schools and Darkstalkers), I don’t feel compelled to curl up in a fetal position but get curious about it instead.

Stratus Games

The newest project by Stratus Games goes by Off Your Rocker and is a party game. All but one player agree on a particular quirk they will portray and the remaining player will be the psychiatrist trying to diagnose the group. I hope for your sake you won’t have a group that decided on Tourette’s every time ….

Days of Wonder

Are you wondering what the map puzzle pieces for Small World Realms will look like? So were a lot of other people, and here’s your chance to sneak a look.

Small Box Games

If you thought the tribal dinosaur from last week was a big tease then think again, that one was just a start. This week on Small Box Games’ Facebook page, we have an elephant with a mini gun in the company of a wolf and a rat. What will come out of this?

^Pride Chaingunner (photo by Small Box Games)
Pride Chaingunner (photo by Small Box Games)


Privateer Press

Heap is a new game with the goblin bodgers from Infernal Contraption – which incidentally will get a 2nd edition this summer. In Heap you do what crazy post-apocalyptic goblins do best: you build infernal machines to race around the heap of old machine parts. I’ll let the Privateers explain:

 The photo of two cobras was taken by Michael Allen Smith and shared as CC-BY-SA. Thank you, Michael!

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