2 years of Meople’s Magazine

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So, this is the point where I’m supposed to say “Wow, these last two years have been quite a ride.” I don’t even have to lie about that, because they have been.
Meople’s Magazine turns two today. Anniveraries for websites, organizations, anything that is not born are hard to nail down. When do you start counting? Take the first time that one of us said “You know, we play games all the time anyway, people ask us what is new and good, why don’t we start a website that?” and it’s close to four years. The first review – Pandemic – was written almost three years ago. Go ahead, say it, we were slow to get going. Two years ago today was the day we first registered the domain meoplesmagazine.com. That makes a good birthday: before that date, no one was able to see what we did. Since then, literally the whole world can read our opinions about games. Sometimes that thought still scares me. Millions of people have access to all our writings, what if I write something that is complete nonsense?
But if I have, then it wasn’t bad enough to make people hate us so far. Over the last two years, we’ve had slowly but steadily increasing numbers of readers. We made contact with a lot of awesome people. We got to play even more games than we would have without the Meople.  And it’s been so much fun.
So, to all of you that come back every week and see what’s new: thanks for staying with us for those two years! To all our new readers: welcome to the Meople! And to all of you: we hope that you enjoy reading Meople’s Magazine as much as we enjoy making it. Here’s to another two years!

The Meeple Cake, by the way, was created by the amazing Sizinha and, unfortunately, only exists virtually. We’ll have to remedy that last part.

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