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Plaid Hat Games

City of Remnants by Isaac Vega sounds pretty exciting, and not only because of the heavily armed plastic minis. Set in a dystopian future city, each player is the leader of a gang trying to take control of the city. Your toolbox contains auctioning (for gang members), area control, special player powers as well as powers gained from controlled areas, all together with some good, old head-to-head conflict. The first detailed preview post talks about the gang members you can recruit: their attack value varies depending of the colour of the gang they’re recruited into, but beyond that they all come with special abilities, too. Hiring the right people is never easy.

Rampage? (Image by Repos Production)
Rampage? (Image by Repos Production)

Repos Production

Now, I might be wrong about this, but this photo that popped up on the Repos Production Facebook account looks suspiciously like Rampage, that game where you drop monsters on buildings to scatter meeple across the gameboard. At least you still did last time I heard about it. And it also looks suspiciously done, doesn’t it?


I was seriously considering if I should share this Kickstarter project. After all, they have more than 1000% of their required funding already. But the project is interesting for pretty much everyone still playing the Settlers of Catan which, by my last count, is roughly half the population of the Internet, including me. So here it is, the original, licensed, one and only Catan game board. Never let your hexes slip again.


The first look at The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Deck-Building Game that Cryptozoic offers looks interesting. After you spend 15 minutes reading through the title of the game, I mean sheesh, they’ll have to come up with a new box format to fit that one. The system looks similar to the DC Comics Deck-building Game, but with the Lord of the Rings movie tie-in. It’s still not going to be a complex game, and doesn’t offer much options in deck-management, but as movie tie-in games go, it’s a long way up from Star Wars Monopoly.

APE Games

Building monsters and crushing cities is really, really underused as a theme. RARRRR!! will be another step to remedy this sad state if affairs. First you will get to build your own monster by drafting cards, then you will draft some more cards to enable your monster to crush cities under its scaled heels, which you will finally do through a bidding mechanism. If you’re going to BGG.con, you’ll have the chance to try RARRR!! there – if you do, please let us know what you thought!

Fantasy Flight Games

This preview for Michael Menzel’s Legend of Andor (also coming from other publishers around the world, German edition by Kosmos) reveal no great revolution in the cooperative games genre: each round starts with the game taking a turn – event card and monster movement – and then the players working to hold back the hordes of monsters advancing on the castle and doing their best to save the realm. But Legends of Andor is not just the same as all the others. Players may take a variable number of actions per day, but while they do time moves on, and when it’s night-time the heroes weaken and their actions carry more risk. Good thought, I like it. I’m less sure about the plan to skip a traditional rule book in favour of a quick rule sheet and an introduction game to teach you how to play. I kinda like having a rule book to read …

This week’s featured photo hardly needs an explanation: The Great Wall of China. This beautiful HDR photo of the Mutianyu section of the wall was taken by Francisco Diez and shared with a CC-BY license. Thanks a lot, Francisco!

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