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Visitors to the game festival En Jeu in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, had the chance to see the newest 7 Wonders expansion 7 Wonders: Wonder Pack there. This expansion comes with no grand, new mechanics like the previous two, it’s merely four new Wonders. Wait, merely? I actually like more variety in the Wonder department without adding new card types again. The new Wonders are these:

  • The Great Wall of China, the first wonder that doesn’t have to be build in the right order. It’s just a long wall, after all, it doesn’t matter where you start.
  • Stonehenge, where something depends on the amount of stones you call your own.
  • Abu Simbel only seems useful with the Leaders expansion as you can mummify your leaders for bonus points.
  • and a new version of Manneken Pis, different from the 2010 Essen promo Wonder. I’m guessing they took the free beer of the B side. Meh.
Mino-Tao from an Unknown Game (Image by What's Your Game)
Mino-Tao from an Unknown Game (Image by What’s Your Game)

What’s Your Game?

One picture isn’t much information, but it’s enough to know that What’s Your Game? are creating a new card game and that at least one card has a horrible pun for a name: the Mino-Tao. More news as we find them, watch this space.

Ystari / Asmodee

January 16 is the set release date for Serenissima, the mediterranean renaissance trade game by Dominique Ehrhard and Duccio Vitale, from Asmodee US. Besides being an economic game  on the heavier side of euro-style games, Serenissima also has a very cool set of components with molded plastic galleys that carry your men and cargo across the sea.

Fantasy Flight Games

With new monsters, new quests and new Overlord powers in Descent: Lair of the Wyrm, the heroes were in urgent need of some support. And here it is, in the shape of Reynhart the Worthy and the new Champion class. Champion abilities revolve around Valor tokens, a new sort of currency that some Champion abilities produce and others consume again, not only for the Champion but also for the rest of the group.

There is one thing that everyone, really everyone you ask will tell you can not be missing from anything Star Wars-themed: the Force. The Force not only holds the universe together, but also the movie trilogy (there are only three movies, and Han did shoot first). So Star Wars- The Card Game couldn’t very well leave out that aspect. The Force does indeed play a central role in the game, players are constantly struggling to have the Force on their side, be it Light or Dark.

Plaid Hat Games

Next to members and equipment there is one important thing that every gang needs, in City of Remnants just like anywhere else their territory. Their turf. That’s what the latest preview talks about: Why you want your turf, how you get your turf and even more importantly, how you keep it.

Kingdom Death

Now, usually when I talk about Kickstarter projects, it’s with at least an undertone of recommendation. As much as I would love to recommend Kingdom Death: Monster I can ‘t form an opinion about it because there is no real information about the game on the Kickstarter page. Except that it’s a cooperative game about killing dangerous monsters, but that’s it.  There is, however, plenty of information about the miniatures included, and I’ll admit they do look rather awesome. So if I can neither recommend nor bash the game, why am I even bringing it up? Because reaching 1000% of your funding goal (that’s $350.000) with 40 days left to go on the project is rather worth mentioning, don’t you think? And maybe the game will turn out brilliant, I’m very curious to hear from people who tried it.


When you have a license to use really, really famous intellectual property, there’s only one thing to do for you, and that’s to milk it for all it’s worth. So I’m not surprised at all that Cryptozoic announced another DC Comics game adaptation while the ink on the DC Comics Deck-Building Game cards is not even completely dry. The follow-up features only one hero, but honestly, when you have The Batman, you don’t need reinforcements. Batman: Arkham City Escape doesn’t build on the popular character alone but also on Batman: Arkham City, the video game by Rocksteady Studios.That means you’ll be hunting the promised 20 different villains in the newly built Arkham City, the replacement for the overcrowded and now closed Arkham Asylum for dangerously insane criminals. Yup, they got their own city. And they still want to escape. Batman: Arkham City Escape will be a two-player game with one player as the Man in the Costume and the other player controlling all the bad guys he ever met.

This week’s featured photo was taken by Derek Keats in the Galapagos Islands and shared with a CC-BY license. The Galapagos Islands are part of Ecuador and were the place where Charles Darwin was inspired to his revolutionary idea of evolution by natural selection. And on top of that, the Islands are also a beautiful place.

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