Meople News: I veto that Blessing!

Kuznia Gier

The Polish game forge has revealed their 2013 program in the latest newsletter: two games coming before Essen still and three Essen releases. All games are with very little information for now, but details will be forthcoming.

  • In April already, Brainz will be released, a party game about undead children hunting for their favourite food.
  • Afganistan – The Card Game will be the first of a planned series of card games called Warcards, created in cooperation with publishing house Warbook which apparently specialises in books on modern warfare. The game will be for two players and be played only with cards and tokens, removing it from the category wargame.
  • In Essen we’ll see a kid’s version of the party game Top-a-Top going by Top-a-Top Kids – exactly what it says on the tin, then.
  • Alcatraz: The Scapegoat will receive a second expansion tentatively called The Rat
  • A boardgame based on the Polish CCG Veto which Kuznia Gier publishes in its second edition will see the international market. Unfortunately I know nothing about Veto – I do regret not taking those Polish classes in school – and, by extension, nothing about Veto: The Boardgame except that it’s set in the 17th century and includes warfare, diplomacy and intrigue.

Fantasy Flight Games

Elder Sign is picking up  some features from Arkham Horror with the expansion Unseen Forces, specifically, the possibility that investigators may become blessed or cursed. In Elder Sign, a blessing bestows an extra dice upon you that you can use like a regular dice. A curse also gives you an extra dice, but this one will remove one matching symbol from your other dice.

The Descent expansion Labyrinth of Ruin will have an all new campaign to play through, and it must be a really tough one because the Hero players actually get help. Depending on a decision early in the campaign, either a Healer or a Rogue ally joins the party, with implications for their strategy, of course. But that’s not all of it, the allies are a very valuable asset, and unsurprisingly the Overlord wants them to. At least once during the campaign, he gets a chance to possess an ally and convert it to one of his lieutenants.


It’s a good year for Stefan Feld fans, another new Feld design is hot of the presses in a German / English bilingual edition. In Rialto you build bridges and buildings in Venice and send councilmen to the city’s six districts to rule them by majority. The game is driven by cards that you chose in complete, open piles instead of dealing them or picking one by one. I could hazard a guess how often the cards I want will end up in the same pile: never. Because it’s a Stefan Feld game, and he never lets me take everything I wanted *shakes fist*.

 The banner photo this week shows the rock-hewn houses of Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey as photographed by Frank Kovalchek (CC-BY licensed)

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