Meople News: Ghost of the Hungry Pharaoh

Bomba Games

Polish publisher Bomba Games are looking for funding on Spieleschmiede to translate two of their games to German. Black & White is a scenario-based fantasy wargame and, while it seems to be a good one, not in our focus. Amber Route, on the other hand, is. This game takes players on a tour through Slavic myths and monsters, most of which seem to want to attack you as you transport valuable amber from the cost to the capital. Depending where you land on your way, you face different obstacles by rolling dice, but your own cards and guardians can help you with that.


With a new Ghostbusters movie in the making, now is a very good time for Cryptozoic to put Ghostbusters: The Board Game on Kickstarter. However, the game is not based on the new movie – which isn’t out yet, after all – but the old movies, and at least the art comes from IDW’s comic book series. The game is a cooperative miniature game with the four original ghost busters hunting ghosts from mostly harmless Slimer up to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Play is scenario based, with twelve episodes arranged in three campaigns.

Favor of the Pharoah (Image by Bézier Games)
Favor of the Pharoah (Image by Bézier Games)

Bézier Games

Tom Lehmann’s To Court the King is a classic among dice games. For different combinations of dice you buy cards, characters in the King’s court, who give you extra dice and special powers like being able to turn one die to any number, until you are finally able to win over the King himself. With Favor of the Pharaoh Lehmann remakes his own game for Bézier Games, but changes it enough to keep it fresh. In this new game, every character is unique, and only some of them are in each game, forcing you to think about new tactics every time you play.


Marc André’s Barony, coming in March from Matagot, is a strategy game with easy to understand rules. You can train knights, order them to move around, found villages and upgrade them to cities. Cities produce resources you use to pay for titles, right up to the point when a player buys the Duke title and the game ends, with the player with the highest score becoming King.

Eagle Games

Age of Empires III was a very popular worker placement game back in 2007, so popular in fact that it’s been hard to get for a while now. Eagle Games are changing that with their latest Kickstarter campaign. But it’s not a simple reprint, so many things have changed that this might be considered a new game. Even the name has changed to Glenn Drover’s Empires: Age of Discovery because the license fee Microsoft asked for use of the name Age of Empires was not affordable. Other things have changed, too. Designer Glenn Drover worked with fans on Boardgamegeek to develop a new vision for the game, resulting in new rules, new design for the board, new components and the inclusion of the Builder expansion. With all those changes, the core of the game still remains: every player controls one of the colonial nations of Europe as they discover, settle and exploit the New World in a heavily strategic game.

Brain Games

Om Nom Nom is a game by Latvian publisher Brain Games that has been available since 2013, but can be found on German crowdfunding site Spieleschmiede at the moment. The project is not actually to fund Om Nom Nom but for its two new expansions, but while you’re at it you can pick up the base game from there, too. Om Nom Nom is a light game with an evil amount of bluffing. After rolling dice to find what prey is available, players simultaneously play their hunter cards to eat as much as they can. But the food chain is a pain, and your rabbit hoping for tasty carrots may become a victims of the wolves instead, leaving all the carrots behind for the next player with a rabbit card. There are only two things you need to do to win Om Nom Nom: guess what your opponents will play, and don’t let them guess your move.

The subject of this week’s featured photo hardly needs an introduction, it is, of course, Stonehenge in the southwest of the United Kingdom. The beautiful photo was taken by Flickr user Qalinx and shared with a CC-BY license. Thank you for sharing!


  1. Empires: Age of Discovery sounds really cool! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

  2. I’m thinking about backing it as well, heard a lot of good things about the old edition.

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