Meople News: Mutant Power


Boardgame preview often show the rules of a game but fail at conveying its depth of strategy. Not so the latest preview for Bombyx’s Histrio. It shows some examples of strategies to make the most money from performing plays for the King, and they are much more sneaky then simply hiring the right actors. Paying close attentions to the competition seems key.


Expansions. They are like power ups for your games. Literally, in this case, because the expansion for Artana’s Tesla vs. Edison is called Powering Up!. That is, of course, a brilliant name for the expansion to a game about the War of the Currents, but it’s also accurate considering what you get with this expansion: everything you need to play with six players, rules to build your inventor’s headquarter with labs and offices, new event cards and AI decks for all six inventors to either play solo or bolster your game with more players. You can have all that, and a bit more, through the running Kickstarter campaign.

Portal Games

The 51st State Master Set will be in stores in about a month and Portal Games presents the remaining two factions in the box for those of us who don’t know 51st State yet. The Mutant’s Union, a loose coalition of disfigured people scavenging the Mississippi valley, are not exactly great diplomats. There opportunities for peaceful trade are very limited, but they excel at robbing the resources they need. The Merchant’s Guild is the exact opposite, unless they invest heavily in that direction they won’t be able to attack anyone, but they have the best deals anywhere. I do love me a good asymmetric game.

When I think of Mexico City, I think of that giant moloch that is the most densely populated area in the world. What I don’t usually think of is that it’s a city with many beautiful sights as well, like the Palacio de Bellas Artes shown in this week’s featured photo. It was taken by Eneas de Troya and kindly shared with a CC-BY license. Thanks for sharing!

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