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A True Scotsmeeple
A True Scotsmeeple

It’s been almost a year since we reviewed Juma al-JouJou’s Clans of Caledonia. Our review back then was based on the Tabletopia version of the game because the Kickstarter for the physical edition had just started. We’ve spent some time playing the paper-and-wood edition since then and it seems like a good time for an update.

For details about how to play Clans of Caledonia please see our review from back then. Nothing fundamental has changed, but some small balance changes make every game even tighter. The hype around Clans of Caledonia was entirely justified, there’s nothing to add.

What we can still talk about is the quality of the components: it’s excellent. All the pieces are top notch, and just look at the gallery to see how good everything looks. Only one problem persists from the Tabletopia version: If you accidentally drop a handful of coins between all the other bits then it’s still a pain to fish them out again. So don’t do that. Enjoy Clans of Caledonia instead.

Transmarine Coo
Transmarine Coo
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