News of the Week

Another week, another news post, and there is some tasty tidbits again:

We get a first look at the visuals of Antoine Bauza’s upcoming Rockband Manager.

Dausend Dode Drolle released their pope-election (yup, still a weird theme) game 1655 – Habemus Papam, it’s available from their webshop now and will hit the stores after Essen.

At Days of Wonder, you can preorder Winter Wars, an expansion to Memoir ’44. Should I call this a wargame or a war-themed boardgame, by the way? I know that, either way, some people are going to complain …

Fantasy Flight Games has been busy on their website, just like every week: they posted a card reference sheet for Isla Dorada – have I mentioned before that the art on the cards is gorgeous? – and the rules for SmileyFace, an emoticon set-collecting game for up to eight players. There’s also another Mansion of Madness preview, exploring the player characters. I’m starting to be really intrigued by this game, it’s walking a narrow line between boardgame and RPG, and I hope it gets the mix right.

I’m a bit late on this one, the blog has already been running for some time, but here it is: eggerspiele’s birthday blog, most recently with looks at the board locations in Funfair. Happy anniversary, guys!

Canadian publisher Valley Games has packed a really big suitcase for Essen, bringing 4 all new games, 2 reprints and an expansion with them. Their booth might be slightly time-consuming…

Speaking of Essen, it’s next week already that Spiel ’10 opens the gates! YAY! Hope all you guys not from around here have your travel preparations finished.

The featured image this week shows industrial grounds in Dortmund by night. Flickr user MrDanielSan was kind enough to CC-license this shot.

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