Meople News: Smuggling Green Things to Outer Space

Lets start off this week with Fantasy Flight Games, you know there is news from them anyway, so why wait? First, there is a new preview on the Lord of the Rings card game, focusing on combat and tactics. It’s starting to look like there is is a lot of things to keep in mind in that game. And because you can never have enough fantasy card games, here is the announcement for Anima: Twilight of the Gods.

After letting us guess for a few weeks, Days of Wonder finally has more information on their upcoming Cargo Noir: it’s an auction game designed by Serge Laget about smuggling goods in famous smuggling ports all over the world. There is no rules available yet, but the photos (and wallpapers) available show off the great French-comic style artwork, and the promotional video is now fully online as well:

And finally, come April Steve Jackson Games will release a new edition of Awful Green Things from Outer Space, an asymmetric two-player game where one player defends his spaceship from the Awful Green Things and the other player IS the awful green things.

The banner image of the week shows the Lighthouse of Tangier, Morocco, taken by Flickr user CraigZone and is another bit of sunlight therapy for us winter-plagued northern hemisphere inhabitants. See the original here.

All rights on the Cargo Noir video are with Days of Wonder.

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