Meople News: Encounter with a slow news week

This news week is so slow, I was considering just skipping this week and put the one item in next weeks news. But then everyone would think i was kidnapped by space meeples from beyond Saturn, or worse… so I just give you the news, and the singular article has never been more appropriate.

Fantasy Flight Games is showing off one more new alien species from Cosmic Conflict, the upcoming Cosmic Encounter expansion. Where all the other species would rather shoot you out of the sky, the Xenophile is very happy to have you come and live in their system… but not out of selflessness.

In honor of this very slow news week, we interrupt our series of city photos with this amazing photography of winter in Westerwald, the area of Germany where yours truly grew up. You can see the full photo here, it was taken by Flick user galifa85, who kindly put it under a CC license.

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