Meople News: A Steampunk Odyssey

From Libellud, we’ll have another Dixit game this year: Dixit Odyssey, schedule for release in June. There is no specifics on new rules yet, but apparently the game will be compatible with the original Dixit and include rules for playing with up to twelve players. The art preview at Asmodee promises that the game will be just as beautiful.

An old classic is being brought back by Gigamic: Gyges, originally released in 1985, fits nicely in their series of wooden games easy in theory yet very hard in practice: you don’t have to do anything except move one piece to your opponents home row. The catch is that you can move any piece from the row closest to you, nothing belongs to you.

Two new games from Fantasy Flight became availabe this week: the Cosmic Encounter expansion Cosmic Conflict and the da Vinci steampunk Risk offspring Magnifico.

And finally, Treefrog Games announced their new two player game A Few Acres of Snow, a card game contest between French and British settlers for control of the later Canada.

The image of the week goes with the review of Havana and shows El Capitolio in Havana, Cuba. This must have been worth ten victory points at least!  The original photo was taken by Vicki Telfer,

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