Meople News: Nightfall over Morpork

We all know news from Fantasy Flight Games is in here somewhere, so why not just start with it? The latest preview of Deadwood (Loïc Lamy) presents three more of the buildings you can annex for your cowboy gang. Also new this week are the full rules for the Twilight Imperium expansion Shards of the Throne by Corey Konieczka. And, because there can never be enough new games in development to fill our news section, The Adventurers go on a new adventure in The Pyramid of Horus. By the early looks of it, this will be dice-rolling, archaeology-looting light game with a slight chance of doom – just what fans of The Adventurers want.

The latest Z-Man newsletter hit our mailbox this week (we lose a lot of money in buying new mailboxes….): the Z-Man has picked up Micahel Schacht’s MONDO for US distribution. MONDO is a tile-laying game with a time limit: all players grab tiles form the centre of the table and try to complete their own landscape before the alarm goes. Three different scoring systems give MONDO a wide range of difficulty, so it should be playable with kids and gamers alike. Palenque by Alan Ernstein will be a very dynamic area control game set in the Yucatan. Players can try to exert control over an area, but can also alter the borders of the kingdoms or move opposing control markers to the other end of the world. The final announcement from this newsletter is the most exciting one for me: Guards! Guards! (Leonard Boyd, David Brashaw) is a Discworld boardgame – and we all know that, if  I had to choose between the new Discworld novel and food for the month, I would finish the book before hunger sets in. In Guards! Guards! the Eight Great Spells have been stolen from Unseen University, giving us ample opportunity to interact with the cream of Ankh-Morpork in our attempts to recover it. As well as with the …um… other end of Morporkian society.

Have you ever thought “wow, this deck-building game could do with a bit more violence?”. Alderac is happy to oblige with Nightfall, the only game where you put wounds in other players deck. The sun has disappeared, all kinds of monsters are walking the earth, eating people. It’s only natural that someone would declare martial law, and so we have the first expansion Nightfall: Martial Law (David Gregg).

The photo of the week was taken by Flickr user Woodlouse in Moroni, Grande Comore and shared as CC-BY-SA. It shows Old Friday Mosque, above the harbour of Moroni, and you should really go see the original because the full photo is much more awesome.

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