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Fantasy Flight Games

More news on Arcana Revised Edition. In this new preview we learn about objectives, guild customisation and what Fantasy Flight calls tactical discards. Objectives award victory points if you fulfil them, plain and simple. Guild customisation allows you to control which cards are in your starter guild deck. Tactical discards let you to not add a card you win to your deck but keep it in a separate pile where it won’t do anything other than give you victory points at the end. Not all of this seems to be new to the revised edition, but when making preview posts Fantasy Flight Games likes to be thorough.

The new preview on Talisman: The Dragon (John Goodenough) doesn’t really reveal much: only that we have to fight our way up the Dragon Lord’s tower step by step and that there won’t be a big plastic tower to get in the way.

Many of you thought Runewars was dead, but this week you were proven wrong: the expansion Banners of War is coming. With new heroes, new strategies, and almost two metric tons of sculpted plastic miniatures, including purple dragons! Staying in the same world, the rules for Corey Konieczka’s Rune Age are now available for download. If you don’t feel like reading, you could also have a look at the video description.

And since we’re looking at rulebooks, the rules for renaissance strategy game Ventura (Alberto Menoncin, Silvio Negri-Clementi) are also available. Be careful when downloading the file, it has the size of a small Volkswagen.

Edge Entertainment

Edge Entertainment has landed a big one and is releasing Conan – The Card Game on the new movie’s opening day. The game lets you adventure in Hyperborea in the footsteps of the world’s most famous barbarian. I could not discover if there will be an English version available, so international fans may have to wait a while longer.


It’s a good week for dangerous and potentially fatal adventures: together with the news about Talisman and Conan, we can also tell you about the coming Claustrophobia expansion Claustrophobia De Profundis. De Profundis doesn’t mess with the game’s formula: you still have a group of heroes entering New Jerusalem’s catacombs and be swarmed by hellspawn of the worst kind with only a slim chance to make it out alive. But with De Profundis there is just more of everything, which is nice for everyone who liked the original game.

White Goblin Games

This October is set for the release of Revolver: The Wild West Gunfighting Game by Mark Chaplin. Revolver is an asymmetrical two player card game: one player leads the Colty Gang on their wild escape towards the Mexican border while the other player tries to prevent just that and bring them to justice as Colonel McReady.


For a long time, Cryptozoic was known for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, a ridiculously successful game associated with the even more ridiculously successful online game that set back global productivity by about 20%. Now Cryptozoic opened another ridiculously successful franchise for new games: Penny Arcade. If you have any interest in computer games, you probably know Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, or at least their comic avatars Tycho and Gabe. They created the genre of gamers-sitting-on-a-couch webcomic (only computer gamers, I don’t know anything about their interest or disinterest in boardgames), game publishers tremble before their scorn and the Penny Arcade is so successful that they were able to launch their own gaming expo. I can say without too much hero worhsip that these guys are kind of a big deal.

Back to Cryptozoic: they have announced two Penny Arcade games. Number one is Penny Arcade The Game – Gamers vs. Evil. It’s a deck-building game including all your favourite characters from the comic. Not much info yet on how the game will be played, but this is something I’m looking forward to.

The other game has even less info available except that it will be boardgame/role-playing hybrid (that alone makes me curious) set in Penny Arcade’s Lookouts setting – think high fantasy boy scouts. The game is, with a slight lack of creativity but good use of the brand, called The Lookouts Board Game.


Minion Games is looking for some additional funding for The Manhattan Project. It’s a game about the invention of the atomic bomb, and I’m sure some will say that’s not an appropriate subject for a game, so consider yourselves warned. Mechanically, this is going to be a worker placement game with the players racing to be the first nation with the bomb. Everyone researches for themselves, but you can sabotage your opponents efforts by military means or through espionage. The photos of the prototype would place the game a bit on the complex side: just where I like my games. Backing this project doubles as a preorder of the game at a very decent price, so check it out!


The banner photo shows the Gloriette at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria. It was taken by Luca Sartoni and shared on Flickr with a CC-BY-SA license. Thanks, Luca.

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