Meople News: Erupting Bears

This week has been rather stressing for us, and not because of too many games – as there is no such thing – but because of our new housemate: turn your eyes to the header image and meet Pixie. She’s three months old and suffers from way too much energy and the sleep rhythm of a caffeinated squirrel – or rather: she has it, but we suffer from it. Is she cute or what? What? Oh yeah, I was supposed to talk about games here.

Stratus Games

Stratus Games is currently finishing Eruption, the tile-laying volcano game where you try to barbecue your opponents villages while keeping the drinks chilled  at your own at the same time. We’re going to have a more detailed preview shortly, for now let me just tell you that you can already preorder.

And with one project almost finished, it’s time to announce the next one: DiceAFARI. In DiceAFARI, your goal is to capture photos on a photo safari while moving with a dice and controlling areas. That’s not a lot to go by, but I hope we shall know more soon.

 Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight didn’t talk about their boardgames so much this week, but there is one thing: the rules for Blood Bowl Team Manager are now available.

Fireside Games

In September, Anne-Marie De Witt’s Bears! will be available. In theory it’s a very straight-forward dice game: you pair symbols from your personal dice with symbols from the camp dice in the middle of the table to either shoot bears, run from them or just sleep through the bear attack – have a look at the rules and photos.

AMIGO Spiele

Coming soon: Frederic Moyersoen’s Die Brücke am Rio d’Oro (The Bridge at Rio d’Oro) is aimed at a younger audience – 8 years up – but promises to be an interesting dice game nevertheless. And it looks great, too: the box becomes a canyon that the bridge spans across. At least until it collapses bit by bit.


We’ve talked about it before: Dice Hate Me Games’ very first project Carnival. First project are supposed to be hard but Dice Hate Me seems to be doing fine: with 40 days to go on their Kickstarter project they have more than 200% funding. Of course you can still check it out and, if you like Carnival, express your appreciation.


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