Meople News: Flasher’s Fortune

Second long gaming night in as many weeks – I love it when summer ends! Highlights of yesterday included our first game of Masters of Commerce; I hope our neighbours will ever forgive us for the volume of playing in nine people. People were a bit sceptical after the explanation, but playing the game convinced them and everyone loved it. The game was a great learning experience as well, we all learned why we will never be millionaires: three out of five merchants ended the game bankrupt. Yay us! I also played my first ever game of Gloom and kept reading the card texts in the narrator’s voice from Tim Burton’s Vincent. That’s how strong the style is.

Fantasy Flight Games

The big new feature of Fame and Fortune (Kevin Wilson), the first expansion to Civilization – The Board Game, are the Great Persons. You can now have Joan of Arc, Orville Wright and many others support your nation with their special abilities.

Sirlin Games

Flash Duel by David Sirlin is, as some of you might know already, a card game in the spirit of 2D fighting console and computer games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Like in those games, you can only move backwards and forwards in the arena, getting closer or further from your opponent before you punch him or unleash one of your special abilities. The upcoming second edition will include some new game modes, most prominently the raid mode. Raid mode teams up a group of players against one who in turn gets to play a much more powerful raid boss character. The one boss that seems to be included in Flash Duel 2nd Edition is the Deathstrike Dragon! It’s an impressive name for sure, I wonder if he’ll live up to it.

Tartan Grizzly Productions

If you have been wondering last week how you’ll be able to play a runner, a bull and an ox at the same time in Pamplona: Viva San Fermín, then wonder no more but go read the rules instead.

The photo of those lovely West Indian Manatees was originally taken by David Hinkel but shared with a CC-BY license by Flickr user USFWS Endangered Species.

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