Contest: Theomachie

Hello everyone, and welcome to a premiere here at Meople’s Magazine. For the first time ever, we’re having ourselves a contest! Our friends at Historical Games Factory want to give away a copy of their game Theomachie – which is not exactly historical, but a great deal of fun, and that is much more important in the end.

Theomachie – translates to War of the Gods – is a game between up to four gods from four different phantea – yes, I did look up the plural of pantheon, thanks Google – over the souls of their believers. The game between the gods has elements of Poker, with all the gods holding a hand of cards and then bidding believers until all but one pass or the showdown starts. The similarities with Poker do not extend into the showdown, unless your Poker games regularly cause earthquakes and firestorms. The remaining gods throw their supernatural abilities at each other, trying to kill each others believers until only one god is left. He takes the price and goes to the next round.

The prize for this contest is one copy of the German edition of Theomachie, and it’s a price to pick up: to receive it, you have to visit the Historical Games Factory booth in Essen and get it there. So, if you’re going to Essen this year, and can answer these two questions, you might soon be the owner of a new game.

Question 1: What country is the home of Theomachie‘s publisher Historical Games Factory?

Question 2: Gods from which four panthea take part in Theomachie?

Send your answers to until midnight of October 12th, the Sunday before the Essen fair, and we’ll let you know if you’re the winner before the fair starts.

Good luck, everyone!

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