Meople News: The Dragon Cats of Mars


Meka-Dog has come to town, and he’s the sort of bad dog that isn’t impressed by a rolled-up newspaper. Oh no! He’s attacking the catnip factory. Iello’s new, short game is going to be just as silly as it sounds. Your only way to defeat Meka-Dog is to take some innocent kittens and train them into unstoppable fighters: The Sentai Cats. Latex suits are not optional in this feline version of TVs most colorful superheroes.

Portal Games

Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island is a brilliant cooperative game that excels at spinning your decisions and encounters the events into a story. There is a price to pay for that with a bunch of different card piles for different features, and then you shuffle cards from them together that you later have to sort apart again. For First Martians, a new game that builds on Robinson Crusoe‘s mechanics, Portal Games are going a different route that makes things easier for you and opens more options for the game. In the latest preview video Ignacy Trzewiczek explains why there will be a companion app with the game. Not only will it save you from some setup and teardown woes, it will also provide a continuous story without giving away what happens next and it will have the ability to choose special story bits for certain situations, especially in campaign mode. Ignacy makes a pretty good argument for the app, if you wanted to provide all those features with card decks you’d end up with a real component monster.

Placentia Games / Post Scriptum

Wendake is the name the Native American Wyandot people call the area their tribe traditionally inhabited. It is also a name of the new Placentia Games / Post Scriptum Kickstarter where you control the fate of Wyandot village around the time when the French and English went to war in that part of the Americas. But that war is not a primary concern to you, all you want is to make your village the first on four separate score tracks by trading, performing ceremonies and rituals, and having military victories. The piece of Wendake that stands out most is the action selection mechanic: you pick your three actions per year from a three by three grid, and all actions must be on the same row, column or diagonal. That leaves you a lot of options, but probably not the combinations you really wanted. Even more interesting, you can replace some of those actions with advanced action tiles. It’s not incredibly thematic, but it will lead to some interesting choices.

Fantasy Flight Games

In Legend of the Five Rings previews so far we’ve met the political Crane Clan and the military Lion Clan. But don’t think that covers all the niches. This week, meet the Dragon Clan. They are well balanced between politics and military, and in both areas their strength lies in the exceptional individuals this clan brings forth. Picking between quality and quantity seems an obvious choice for these guys.

This week’s featured photo shows the Arch of Septimus Severus, a reconstructed monument in the ruins of the Roman city Leptis Magna in today’s Libya. The photo was taken and shared by Flickr user NH53. Thank you for sharing! (Arch of Septimius Severus, Leptis Magna, NH53, CC-BY)

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