Meople News: Of Spirits, Kings and Artists

As you can see, we changed the title for our News of the Week starting this week. Having a bunch of posts titled “News of the Week” on the front page was getting a bit confusing, even with the beautiful Creative Commons pictures to tell them apart. Referring to “the Timbuktu post” didn’t really tell anyone what it was about. So now we give you Meople News: The Titled.

Lets just once more start with Fantasy Flight Games. I swear I’m not being paid by them to do this, they just keep posting news about games I’m looking forward to. (If you guys do want to pay me, you know where to find me). The full rules for Civilization are available now. With 27 pages of rules it’s close to the upper limit of complexity I’m comfortable with, but still I so want to try it. And the cover art of the manual is just beee-auti-ful. The next preview for Mansion of Madness has appeared, as well – from the shadow and swinging a shovel at your head, no doubt – and for the moment, it turns out more on the RPG side of things than I expected.

Antoine Bauza is working on a new expansion for the coop game Ghost Stories, provisionally named Black Urn. Ghost Stories is on my list of games I still want to try for some time now, maybe I’ll manage before Black Urn is available in the second half of next year.

Finally, have a look at these photos from the III International Gaming Photo Award. The award was given a while ago in Cordoba , but I just found out this week and didn’t want to keep these photos from you. Enjoy!

The photo this week shows Ho Hoan Kiem, the Lake of the Returned Sword with the Turtle Tower (Tháp Rùa), in the center of Hanoi, Vietnam. Flickr user Martin Fisch put this beautiful photo under a Creative Commons license here

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