Meople News: Mayan Spaceships

The important news first: today is my birthday! Happy birthday to me!

But my life story is not the reason you’re here, you want to know what’s new in games. Well then, here goes:

At Gameworks you can now read the rules for Tikal II. I don’t care much for the name – Tikal II is just one step away from Tikal – The Revenge or maybe Tikal – Return of the Archaeologists. But the content seems to be much better than the name, and from the pictures in the manual it also looks great, so the name can be forgiven.

Steve Jackson is releasing yet more Munchkin sets, this time it’s Space Ships for Star Munchkin. I’m slightly relieved by that. Given the wackiness of that series, it might have been space ships for regular fantasy munchkin …

Finally, as most weeks, Fantasy Flight has a bunch of new reading material: a short look at Hazard Cards for Cosmic Conflict, a more in detail look at allies and personal trauma in Battlestar Galactica: Exodus and the postultimate instalment in the Civilization designer’s diary, where Kevin Wilson tells us how some of his favourite elements of the game came about.

This week’s photo was taken by Flickr user bazylek100 and shows the Barbican (or should it be a barbican? I’m unsure here …) of Krakow, a part of the medieval fortification of the city. See the original photo and a more detailed explanation here.

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