Meople News: Christmas Time

If you are a regular here, then you probably noticed that we haven’t posted a review this last week. And you will notice there is no post next week either, for we have decided to go on a Christmas Break – I realise that some parts of the world prefer the more political correct “Holiday Break” these days, but since we’re having our break for Christmas, we’ll call it Christmas break.

It’s kind of traditional to share some thoughts on the year that is about to pass, so I don’t want to disappoint: this is our first year of running Meople’s Magazine, but as you can see if you look at the Pandemic review, the idea has been around for a bit longer. We spent a long time thinking about how to do stuff before we decided to forget about planning and just play it by the ear, and it turns out that was a great decision. Since we started regular posting, we’re seeing a slow but steady increase in our traffic, and a big percentage of returning visitors. So, even if you guys are a bit lazy on commenting, we know from the numbers that we’re doing something here that people care about. Thank you for that.

Now, with Christmas fast approaching, we’re going to spend a few days without any sleep to finish our Christmas preparations in time – I’m not used to work with a hard deadline like that – and then be able to spend a few quiet days with friends and family. And I dare to predict that these days will involve some games as well.

I hope that all of you will be able to enjoy the holiday time, be able to relax, see people, do things you are usually to busy for. Spend some time having fun in the snow – or if you have no snow, spend some time fixing your broken hemisphere!

Merry Christmas from the Meople’s Magazine

Almost forgot I was supposed to write news. Most everyone in the industry is also already on Christmas break it seems. The one exception is … lets see who guessed it:

Fantasy Flight is still busily posting to their news feed, and for this week they have: some insights from designer Corey Konieczka into Exodus, the upcoming Battlestar Galactica expansion, a preview for the upcoming Lord of the Rings card game and the announcement that The Hobbit is now available.

The photo for this week was taken by Christian Holmér and shows the Swedish town of Nyköping. Not the biggest city we’ve had in our header images, but definitely one of the prettiest in the snow. See the full image here. Thanks Christian for sharing this photo.

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