Meople News: 2011 hits you for tired (critical strike)

Aaaaand we’re back. Happy new year, everyone! Christmas and New Year, as much fun as they may be, are always a bit tiring and the new year and me still have to properly connect. On the other hand, our annual New Year’s Eve mystery dinner was much fun again, and playing Lego Creationary with seven slightly drunk people afterwards was the most hilarious thing we did so far this year (not saying much, I know, but it was great).

Now we’re back, and with the new year some new game announcements came through as well. So here it is, the first news post of 2011

Fireside Games will be publishing Bloodsuckers in April, a strategic card game where you struggle for control between vampires and vampire-hunters in the town of Blackwood.

Queen Games is already selling Fresco expansions four, five and six in one handy package (expansions one to three were already included in the base game):  The Wishing Well allows you to sacrifice a penny for a chance at a higher return and seems to introduce some more luck to the game, Gold Leaf lets you enhance your colours with precious metal and the Glazier sells windows for the cathedral to illuminate your fresco the way it was meant to be seen.

Of course it wouldn’t be weekly news without Fantasy Flight showing up: this time there is the manual for Battlestar Galactica: Exodus, a preview how the sphere of Lore provides healing and deck manipulation in the the Lord of the Rings card game and a quick look at the Saboteur aliens in Cosmic Conflict. They booby-trap planets to blow your fleet to smithereens when you try to colonise them. Ouch! And on the subject of cruel and unusual warfare practices, there is the announcement of Magnifico, a game about renaissance warfare if Leonardo da Vinci had unlimited funding and no scruples.

Days of Wonder is playing very hard to get about their upcoming Cargo Noir: they don’t tell us what it is, but they post short movies about the game story. Way to tease, guys!

And if you haven’t heard about Valley Games’ Two by Two yet, this is a good time to watch their introduction video. The game sure looks charming, I wonder what it has to offer to adult players.

With all the snow and grey skies we’re having here, it’s only natural to want some sun. And this picture of Dubrovnik, Croatia taken by Jenni Douglas satisfies that need beautifully. Thanks for taking this photo and sharing, Jenni.

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