Meople News: Night over Western Sherwood

The OP

I wish I could tell you more about this newly announced game by The OP, but there are no details yet. The important bit is, there will be a game based on Stephen King’s It. It: Evil Below is going to be a cooperative game. The player’s take control of the Losers’ Club members and move around the town of Derry to defeat Pennywise. They’ll have to mind their health and courage, that’s all we know for now. By the looks of it, the game will only take place in the early timeline, with the heroes as kids.


Uwe Rosenberg has so many ideas, he keeps having to find more publishers to get them all made. His latest new design is Robin von Locksley by Wyrmgold, a brand new German publisher. Robin of Locksley is better known as Robin Hood, and just like the famous thief the two players in Robin von Locksley will steal valuables from the rich. Giving to the poor doesn’t seem to be part of the game. Instead, the two players compete who can steal the most, because that player will have the favor of King Richard. We don’t know the rules yet, but the photo looks like two meoples moving around a grid of treasures. What I want to know is how those edge tiles with conditions like “At least 4 Coins” come into it.

Quined Games

A new preview for Terramara introduces us to the characters. Each game you’ll have one of the seven double-sided cards to help you. On the front side you have the character as a kid, with a powerful special ability to bend the rules in your favor. Powerful enough that you will want to match your strategy to that ability. And yet you’ll want to give up on that ability at some point during the game. The back of the card shows the same character as an adult and with a different special ability. This one gives you a way to earn victory points.

Board & Dice

Go west this fall with the Dice Settlers. Western Sea, the first expansion for the dice bag building area control game, lets you dice settle the new world. The expansion’s main module Fish and Ships not only has a horrible, punny name, it also adds all sorts of new cards to the base game to let you play exciting new combos. Beyond that Envoys, Enclosures and Advisors each add something entirely new to the game. Dice Settlers: Western Sea is going to be an Essen release, so you will have to wait a bit more before you can visit the new world.

The greatest alchemist who ever lived was Hermes Trismegistus. However, he hasn’t published anything in a while. He’s probably not dead, if anyone has created the Elixir of Life surely it would be him. But he’s not around, so wanting to be his successor is perfectly appropriate. Enter you, in Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula. Alchemy is a fickle mistress, and so your most important tools are dice. Over three rounds you draft them, and which you take has more than one effect. The die shows a symbol of an alchemical ingredient you may take, but by die color you gain the ability to transmute some things into other things. Don’t be fooled by the use of dice, either, Trismegistus will be a strategy game with many options. To gather fame and victory points you will experiment, write publications, create artifacts, invent formulas, and, not least of all, get rich. You can, after all, turn lead into gold.

Fantasy Flight Games

The expansion train starts rolling for Arkham Horror 3rd Edition. The first expansion is going to be Dead of Night, with a pair of nocturnal adventures in Lovecraft fans’ favorite city. The adventure from this preview puts you in the middle of a gang war between the Sheldons and the O’Bannions. If those names seem familiar, we’ve already gotten mixed up with them in Mansions of Madness. This time it’ll probably be a different sort of horror waiting for us. Also in the preview is one of the new investigators, the roguish Skids O’Toole. Arkham never gets boring, does it?

This week’s featured photo was taken in Tiwanaku, Bolivia, the capital of the pre-Columbian Tiwanaku culture. The photo was taken and kindly shared by Dennis Jarvis. Thanks a lot, Dennis! (Bolivia-52 – Sacred Entrance, Dennis Jarvis, CC-BY-SA)

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