Meople News: Of Civilized Street Fighters

Sirlin Games will be shipping Yomi in January. Yomi is a card based fighting game that appears to borrow heavily from console games like the Street Fighter Series. The complete first edition comes with 10 decks of cards, each of which represents one character and comes with their own set of manga-style full-color artwork. Word from Sirlin Games is that Yomi was six years in development and underwent staggering amounts of testing, tuning and balancing. Congratulations on finally finishing this huge project.

Lookout Games posted an English FAQ on Poseidon, the antique version of the 18xx family of train games – obviously without trains – as well as a new rulebook for Railroad Barons, another game based on the 18xx series but with two players buying and selling railroad companies instead of building tracks for them.

We’ve been mentioning it for weeks, now it’s finally available: Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game is now available from Fantasy Flight Games. Mansion of Madness, on the other hand, will not see the inside of your local game store as soon as expected. The release date has been pushed to the first quarter of next year because the miniatures included with the game were not looking creepy enough and will have to be redone. Finally, this winter will see a new expansion for Cosmic Encounter titled Cosmic Conflict, including 20 new alien races, materials for an additional player and chaos-inducing “Hazard Cards”.  Proving just how evil they really are, Fantasy Flight will very slowly “reveal more on Cosmic Conflict, including many of its wild new alien races and their game-bending powers” over the next few weeks. They sure know how to raise anticipation …

nestorgames is now shipping the abstract Momentum. The goal here is to put your 8 marbles on the board, but every marble placed pushes the others away and finally off the board again.

The header image this week shows Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland and was taken by Flickr user Mathias Ripp. The original is here. Thanks for using a Creative Commons license, Mathias!

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