Meople News: Does crushing fingers make me a Cylon?

After my whining about a lack of news from last week, this week is still somewhat slow, but at least things are happening.

Asmodee is now selling Jungle Speed The Extreme Expansion, which adds more cards and confusion to Jungle Speed. Seeing how you look for pairs in cards that players reveal from their hands, I hope additional patterns don’t slow the game down to much. New special cards sounds nice, though. It’s a shame no one will want to play Jungle Speed with me because I get a bit finger-crushy when grabbing something from the table.

Fantasy Flight must have seen my desperate cry for news last week, pushing news on just about everything except Mansion of Madness. The new preview for Battlestar Galactica expansion Exodus reveals that Exodus will sow more distrust among the players by including loyalty cards that mark you as human, but make you unwilling to reveal them just like a Cylon would be. Then there is a big dose of Tolkien, with a preview for Lord of the Rings and the rules for The Hobbit. And finally Civilization gains a FAQ that is utterly uninteresting if you don’t have the game yet.

The absolutely amazing photo of Tokyo’s skyline with Tokyo Tower (similarities to the Eiffel Tower are, as far as I am aware, fully intentional) was taken by Agustin Rafael Reyes and shared with the world here.

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