Meople News: Aliens on a Train

Things here are still looking grey, so I’m happy to distract myself by looking through this weeks gaming news. Not much of them, but some news nevertheless.

Days of Wonder continues their video series introducing Cargo Noir … still no word about what the game will be about, but if they keep the visual style from the videos, I like it already. Also at Day of Wonder, the monsters escaped and are invading Ticket to Ride. Alvin & Dexter are an alien and a dinosaur who mess up all your train travelling plans: you cannot complete a track to or from a city that either of them is currently in. I don’t know what this expansion will do to the game, but it does have two most adorable monster meeple, and that’s worth something.

Fantasy Flight Games also continues introducing two of their games. A new alien racein Cosmic Conflict, the Claw, steals planets from your home system. And in Mansion of Madness, doors and other things can be protected by puzzles which the players have to figure out, helper or hindered by their characters intellect score – I’m not sure if I like this feature, it sounds like something that would break the flow of the game, but I’d have to see it in action.

And Libellud is preparing to release Bugs & Co in February, an extra-mean speed memory with confusingly similar looking monster cards. You’re collecting sets of three monsters, but you cannot look at the ones you have already for comparison.

Finally, I would like to make a request to all you spam commenters out there: be more creative! Before Christmas, we had so much spam that was actually fun to read – albeit in a horrible can’t-look-away-from-a-train-wreck kind of way – that I didn’t mind having it. But now, we’re back to the same message twenty times a week, and I feel that if you can’t even make the effort to write good spam, you should just leave the Internet.

Today’s photo shows the stunningly beautiful Laxminarayan Temple in Delhi, India and was taken by Flickr user amanderson2. Be sure to see the original here, the piece I cut out hardly does it justice.

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