Meople News: Bears of War

I’m starting to worry that Essen has been cancelled for this year and I was not informed: it’s the end of May and we’re still not seeing regular new game announcements dated for Essen. But we are receiving more game news, so all is well.

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dV Giochi

Domenico Di Giorgio’s popular werewolf party game Lupus in Tabula will have its first expansion in La Vendetta della Lupa Manara (The Revenge of the Werewolf Woman). There will be new characters with new special abilities and an entirely new faction. The number of players – always one thing to set apart werewolf style games – goes up to 30 and should service even your biggest dinner party. Just don’t take this news as inspiration to watch the Italian movie La Lupa Mannara because … well, because it’s a 1970s horror movie, I guess that says it all.

Fantasy Flight Games

The Arkham Horror uber-expansion Miskatonic Horror is back on the news feed with its new contents building on Lurker on the Threshold: relationships and reckonings. Both concepts were introduced in Lurker on the Threshold but will be bolstered with new cards.

In this weeks preview of Deadwood (Loïc Lamy) we learn what we all really want to know about a game: how to win. No, that part is actually easy, you need the most money at the end. When the game ends is the more interesting news, and completing the railroad track is not the only way.

The Twilight Imperium expansion Shards of the Throne by Corey Konieczka will be beamed into game store shelves next week, but before that happens it’s time to reveal the three new races.

Everyone who is not exclusively into the board family of games will at least have heard about Gears of War. Now Fantasy Flight Games announced Corey Koniezcka’s (that guy is working overtime, isn’t he?) board game adaptation creatively titled Gears of War: The Board Game. The cooperative game for one to four players includes seven missions that, apparently, let you relive memorable scenes from the computer games on a randomised map and with a pretty set of dolls … I mean miniatures.

Fireside Games

The publisher of the popular Castle Panic announced their newest game Bears! for August. Anne-Marie De Witt’s Bears! is a “high-energy good time” with 40 dice and rounds that take about half a minute. Not something I’ll be able to play before my first coffee. The objective of the game is to get away from bears rampaging through your camp site without being eaten: a well chosen theme because that is another thing I cannot do before my first coffee.

The photo of the “Sun Voyager” sculpture in the harbour of Reykjavik was taken by Eric Dickmann and shared with a CC-BY license. Thanks Eric!

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