Meople News: A Fortune in Fealty and Zeppelins

Aaaand we’re back! After one week of Scotland  – of which only one day was raining, what did I buy a jacket for? – with fully recharged batteries. Let me just say this one thing about our vacation: if you ever get the chance to go to the Ilse of Skye, then do it. That place has the most awe-inspiring landscapes I ever saw, so awe-inspiring that I didn’t even notice there was not a single game store on the island. And now we’re back with the news.

Fireside Games

Bloodsuckers (Justin and Anne-Marie De Witt) is available in stores. Well, in the US at least, not for us poor Europeans. In Bloodsuckers the once peaceful little town of Blackwood becomes the battlefield between a clan of vampires and a gang of vampire hunters. Driven by different decks of cards, both sides fight for control over various locations in town, with the time of day influencing their respective powers.

Atlas Games

Also available now is Atlas Games’ Cthulhu Gloom (Keith Baker), the fun game about misery and insanity.

Repos Production

Repos Production is planning to bring the new Ghost Stories expansion Ghost Stories: Black Secret to Essen this year. In Black Secret, the brave monks are no longer faced by a mindlessly advancing horde of undead. Now they are faced by an advancing horde of undead with a mind to control them: the common enemy Wu Feng is now controlled by a player and his hordes are frantically digging for something in the catacombs under the village.

Looney Labs

When the head Looney himself says the new Star Fluxx is the best Fluxx version ever, then that says something about the game. Unfortunately, we cannot tell what it says yet because the release date is end of September.

Fantasy Flight Games

The rules for The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus are now available on the Internets.

John Goodenough’s Talisman expansion The Dragon comes with a lot of flying, fire-breathing lizards to make your life miserable so far. But there is reinforcements for the good guys as well, although, looking at the Dragon Priestess, good guys here doesn’t mean much except “controlled by the players”.

The Runewars expansion Banners of War makes heroes even more important. Now they cannot only quest, pillage, loot and burn, now they can also lead your armies, giving you a bonus in every fight.

If you have been watching Game of Thrones on TV this year (Peter Dinklage deserves an Emmy by the way. Just saying.) or maybe reading the latest novel A Dance with Dragons, you may have felt the desire to take a more active role in events. You will have another chance to do just that by the end of this year with the second edition of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game. The game brings some of the intrigue, diplomacy and warfare of George R. R. Martin’s to the table. And if the novels’ body count is anything to go buy, three out of five players will not see the end of the game.

Flying Frog Production

Fortune and Glory by Jason . Hill is the upcoming Flying Frog release, and looking at the preview page it promises to be quite superlative. A huge game with tons of miniatures, letting you have pulp movie adventures of archeology and Nazi fighting all over the world. And it has zeppelins. Zeppelins! I may be in love.

Dice Hate Me Games

Another publisher giving their entrée performance this year, Dice Hate Me Games’ first project is Carnival (Cherilyn and Christopher Kirkman), a fun fair card game of set collecting, with dice mixed in to determine what you can do each turn. They intend to launch a Kickstarter campaign in a few weeks, we’ll keep you posted.

They’re also planning a release for next year already, although there is nothing on their website yet except for a photo of Viva Java – The Coffee Game.  A boardgame about coffee packed in a coffee tin. I so want one of those!


Asmadi Games, who may be familiar to you as the publisher of Innovation, is looking for funding for their new game Fealty, a short but very strategic game. Just head over and read the details, it’s a very promising and innovative concept.

This weeks image was, for a change, taken by yours truly in Port Righ on Skye. It shows a seagull to fit into our new line of animal photos for the news posts. This particular seagull followed us around while we had fish’n’chips with us, so we decided to give him a name. He’s now called Steven. Steven Seagull.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! We’re pushing hard in preparation for the Kickstarter campaign which we expect to launch within the next two weeks…we’ll keep you posted :)

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