Meople News: The Island of Ninja Rabbits

A weekend without the house full of gamers? It does take some getting used to, we’re almost feeling a bit lonely. But we’re in preparation for our trip to Brazil next weekend already, so the Meeple Cave still looks like a battle field. I’m so looking forward to a place where the sun shines. In other news: if you miss news from your favourite publisher here, please drop us a note and we’ll try to include them in the next news.

Alderac Entertainment

Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan, the hidden movement game where one player’s ninja attempt to bypass the other’s guards and do evil ninja-y things, is now available.

Fantasy Flight Games

The rules for the Mansion of Madness expansion Forbidden Alchemy are now online for everyone interested in Mad Science – mind the capitals there – and its side effects.

Fireside Games

Seems to be a good week for expansions: The Wizard’s Tower, the expansion for Castle Panic went to stores this week.


Asmodee and Ubisoft – they make computer games, in case you’re not into that kind of gaming – have teamed up to create a whole new kind of crazy: Jungle Speed: Raving Rabbids. Jungle Speed is a party card game of quick reaction, Raving Rabbids is a popular franchise of console party games with idiotic, chaotic, hilarious rabbits – this seems like a perfect match.

Days of Wonder

This new free mini expansion should excite all Small World fans: Small World Tunnels. There’s not much in the package except twelve arrow markers, but they are useful little things: they connect Small World and Small World Underground to create a new game playing both above the ground and below. This is obviously more useful when you actually own both games.


Island Fortress had a long and interesting history already as Huang Di before it was reborn as Island Fortress on Kickstarter. I still can’t resist a good worker placement game, and Island Fortress looks very promising in that respect, even with all workers being convicted criminals.

The dragon-fly photo was taken by Flickr user Jerome T and shared with a CC-BY license. Thank you, Jerome.


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