Meople News: Forest Invasion

Fantasy Flight Games

The latest Blue Moon Legends preview goes into details about some of the collected peoples in the box and talks about two of the tribes, the flying Flit and the water-dwelling Aqua, and the very different tactics they employ.

You know what was really missing for Talisman? An expansion board to fill that annoying last corner! I mean, three corners with expansions, and then a gap? That just won’t do. And it will no longer have to, because The Woodland will fix that problem. Venturing into that last corner will take you deep into the woods, where fae are not the strangest creatures you will encounter. You will also be able to find your Destiny – mind the capital D – under the trees, and your fate may turn light or dark with the two different colors of fate tokens finally gaining importance.

Portal Games

A new, free scenario for cooperative survival game Robinson Crusoe is in the making. In this new PDF scenario, you’ll set out to find a famous explorer in the huge, unexplored continent of Africa. Doctor Livingstone, I presume?

On his blog Boardgames that tell Stories Ignacy Trzewiczek lets us have a look at cards from the Ruins expansion for 51st State. Those cards are not just more of the same, they introduce some powerful and engaging new effects. You will now have cards that have an effect when you fill them with enough resources and cards that let you take other cards from the discard pile, two new options that should make a pretty big difference in how the game plays. You can now also occupy the Parliament and gain a second leader for your efforts.

Chaos Publishing

In a new Kickstarter project Chaos Publishing are looking for funding for Brave the Elements, a card game that lets you master the four elements – or get flattened by them, depending how well you do. Players try to score points by building location cards, but unfortunately other players score by tearing those locations down again, summoning natural disasters. Those disaster cards are the interesting part of the game as they have three different uses: as a disaster to attack an opponent’s location, for their card effect or to defend your own location against disasters. Brave the Elements is light on the rules, but sounds like it has enough moving parts to be interesting. And it lets you hit your opponents with earthquakes and tornadoes, that’s always a plus, isn’t it?

Privateer Press

The newly announced third game from Privateer’s Level 7 series of semi-cooperative games has the most interesting plot of the bunch yet. In Level 7: Invasion humanity is caught up in a war between two alien races, the last survivors of the Ghin who took refuge on Earth and the Hydra, who want to make sure that there are no more survivors. As is to be expected in a war that starts with orbital bombardment, populations panic, governments fall and the economy goes down the drain as well, and as the players you have to try and fix it. But the Ghin, the only aid you can hope for, are not innocent victims in all this.

This week’s photo, taken by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra and shared with a CC-BY license, shows the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Tallinn, Estonia. Thanks for a great photo, Jean-Pierre!



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