Meople News: Darkness in the Ice

MAGE Company

The Fairy Lands are being threatened again, but with the 12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy expansion, which is currently kickstarting, there are even more of them for the players to protect. The expansion to MAGE Company’s cooperative game comes with four new realms, including the Golden Caliphate of Arabian Nights, and Olympia of Greek mythology. Each realm comes with its own set of invaders and matching heroes, of course. Even more interesting than that, especially if you have played 12 Realms many times already, will be the plots. They mix up the basic task of protecting the realms and give you games with more realms, more overlords or other changes to make the game more challenging.

Fantasy Flight Games

We know a lot about the new forces of light in Warhammer: Diskwars already, previous previews have explored the Hammer and Hold expansion and its dwarf protagonist. Now it’s time to put the spotlight on the new forces of chaos. Or maybe not, they might crumble to dust. Lets put the spotdark on them. Legions of Darkness introduces the Vampire Counts and their undead armies. Many of them make their opponents cower in fear, rendering them unable to fight back. But that’s not the worst, units with the Reanimate keyword can bring other units back from the dead to keep fighting and hassling you. Their undead units are weaker than other factions, but what does it matter if they keep coming back?


In the category of new and unusual settings, how about this one: scientists from Earth arrive on a remote planet called Midgaard, which is inhabited by very human-like people and permanently stuck on the cultural level of Vikings. Also, Midgaard has magic, and as soon as the Earth-scientists come in contact with that they go completely crazy, declare themselves gods and start generally behaving very badly. That’s the premise of RedImp’s Kickstarter project The Lord of the Ice Garden, and the players take the roles of the four scientists trying to take over the world. They go to war over the world, with sword, axe and magic, and try to either control the biggest slice of the planet or meet their unique victory conditions. But not all humans on Midgaard went magic-crazy, there’s still agent Vuko who is trying to bring the scientists back to Earth, alive or in pieces.

Alderac Entertainment

Alderac reveals another card from their coming Doomtown: Reloaded, the boxed set remake of the old weird west collectible card game. And this card is Weird West indeed, without involving any magic. Meet Elander Boldman, Mad Scientist.

This week’s featured photo is especially relevant to us boardgamers: it shows the medieval city of Carcassone, famous from the game. This photo was taken by Lisa Stevens and shares as CC-BY-SA. Thanks a lot for sharing, Lisa!

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