Meople News: Dice and Vampires

Fantasy Flight Games

The next expansion for Fantasy Flight’s Eldritch Horror will be another small box one, meaning especially that there’ll be no new expansion board included. Signs of Carcosa will be all about the Great Old One Hastur, who is or is not the mysterious King in Yellow. Together with a new GOO you’ll also get new investigators, new mysteries and new encounters. The only sad part is that now there’ll never be a Carcosa board. I’d so have liked to walk those ancient, squamous streets.

Fantahzee (Image by Alderac)
Fantahzee (Image by Alderac)


If the odd spelling of Alderac’s freshly announced Fantahzee reminds you off another game, then that is not a coincidence, there is a relation to classic dice game Yahtzee. In Fantahzee you lead a group of heroes in the defense of a small town under monstrous attack. Each hero has a dice pattern needed to activate him – straights, tuples, full house, the usual Yahtzee stuff. Your activated heroes may attack monsters and use their special abilities, all with the goal of getting defeated monsters into your victory point pile. With special abilities on heroes, monsters and the locations you fight over, Fantahzee is going to be more tactical and variable than most Yahtzee games.

Alderac / Artipia Games

Dice City is an easily expanded game, like all games about building a deck, hand or tableau of cards. So no one is surprised about Dice City: All that Glitters, a dice city expansion with thirteen new types of cards to add to your city. Tying them together is gold, a new resource that you produce with some new cards and pay with for the effect of others. Seeing how much fun Dice City is, no one will be sad about getting an expansion, either.

Lost Legacy, the game I previously described as Love Letter Advanced because it uses the same, simple “play one of your two cards” idea but with more depth, is going into the next round. The new box Lost Legacy: Fourth Chronicle comes with two new card sets to play on their own or mix with other sets. They mix some classic fantasy into the science fiction setting, the Undying Heart set is about vampires – which were created through an alien artifact – and The Werewolf is about… know what, I’m not going to tell you, it’s a secret.


Portal’s 51st State has been out for a few years already, but with the coming release of the 51st State Master Set they are doing a new round of preview posts for those of us who don’t know the game. This one presents two of the four faction in the post-apocalyptic United States. New York and the Appalachian Federation both want to rebuild their respective homelands, but they don’t use quite the same means.

Tallinn (Image by Ostia Spiele)
Tallinn (Image by Ostia Spiele)

Space Cowboys

Oh, the technology we will have in the future! Not only can we travel back in time by possessing an available body in T.I.M.E. Stories, the new mission Under the Mask will give you an even more fancy gadget to play with. With the Instantaneous Transfer Device (ITD) you will be able to switch host bodies in the middle of the mission. But you won’t know what you’re getting into with each switch, not everyone makes a good vessel for a time traveling secret agent.

Ostia Spiele

Ostia Spiele’s Tallinn is a new project on Spieleschmiede. A quick and tactical card game, your goal in Tallinn is to have the most influence with three factions in the city. You gain influence by playing cards showing their color, where each card can be turned to show different sets of symbols. Players try to trigger scoring rounds when they hold a majority to come out with the most points in the end. All players make their move at the same time, so you’ll have no down time at all in this 20 minute game.

The photo of the week, shot by Konstantinos Dafalios, shows Fort Jesus, the Portuguese colonial fortress protecting the port of Mombasa, Kenya. Konstantinos kindly shared this photo with a CC-BY license. Thank you, Konstantinos!


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