Meople News: The Master Evolutioner

Seems that board game news are picking up again after the winter. Who knew, but it seems that game makers hibernate.

I haven’t had a chance to try Gosu yet, Kim Satô’s game of building goblin armies (it is actually about building the army, the war happens offscreen), and thus I’m already falling behind: Asmodee is talking about the first expansion: Kamakor. Kamakor brings five new clans of goblins with new game mechanics. If you noticed the comments on last weeks news, you know already that we were not entirely accurate in saying that Asmodee launched Studio Descartes, it’s more of a revival. You will also know already that the first game in their pipeline is Evo, the create-your-own-dinosaur classic from 2001.

For those of you too lazy to read, everything you ever wanted to know about the Lord of the Rings Card Game by Fantasy Flight is now available as a five part online video tutorial. If you feel more like reading after all, there is an announcement for the Twilight Imperium expansion Shards of the Throne. Also the first ever expansion for Arkham Horror, Curse of the Dark Pharaoh will be available in a new, revised edition.

Our friendly neighbourhood game publisher Queen Games has a four new games, all marked as “beginning of April”. There is not much description for any of them, but that will probably be coming soon. Paris Connection is a train game set in France and looks to be in the same league as Ticket to Ride or maybe Transamerica. In Lancaster you support the king of England in his conquest of France. What is it with France, Queen Games? Mammut (Mammoth) deals with the aftermath of a mammoth hunt – splitting the prey and Show Manager lets you organise your own Las Vegas show.

Finally for this week, there is an explanatory video for Valley Games’ Master Builder created by the one and only Stephen Conway, once more proving that explaining a game is an art form in itself.


This weeks photo was taken by Иерей Максим Массалитин and shared with a CC-BY-SA license. Although the later history of Solovetsky Monastery in the equally named islands in Russia is very unpleasant – it was converted into a prison and labour camp in the 1930s – it is a very beautiful place and the photo shows it off magnificently. See the original photo here.

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